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The Newspaper’s Story

The Newspaper’s Story

December 13, 2017

The End of Forever

Anisa Mansour, Staff Writer

November 7, 2017

Filed under Creative Writing

The pain is becoming unbearable. It is pressing down on me, trapping me into the darkness. Suddenly, all the weight is lifted off of my shoulders as I glimpse a bright light. Then everything blackens.                              ...

Perfume of the Seasons

Angela Zhao, Author

October 11, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

I know a little place on the corner That some call Nirvana, Heaven, or bliss, And although I’ve never been there before, I think it’d be fitting to call it Home. The walls are lined with millions of books That reach...

Poetry Is…

Ms. Clarke's English Enriched 11 Students

January 18, 2016

Filed under Creative Writing

From the brains of Ms. Clarke's English Enriched 11 Class Poetry is like a person with multiple personalities, one is strict and serious, while another is casual and inspiring Poetry is like a telephone wire, bringing pe...

Poems from Ms. Clarke’s Class

Ms. Clarke's Creative Writing Students

May 30, 2015

Filed under Creative Writing

Free Verse Angela Xiao I dream of Giant butterflies Radioactive cotton candy Black lips   I dream of Rainbow skin Endless roads Flash floods   But most of all I dream of The radiant y...

The Story Between Two

Tomomi Chen, Guest Author

January 31, 2015

Filed under Creative Writing

In the fourth grade, I had my first male teacher ever, named Mr. Stevens. At that time, as I was still nine-years old; I thought he was huge. He towered over me with his broad shoulders and his small head. On his small head was...

Literary Devices by Creative Writing Students

December 4, 2014

Filed under Creative Writing

Prepare to be amazed! Similes: Her eyes were as brown as a melted milk chocolate bar, sitting too long in the blistering summer sun.  Emily Larman Her eyes were as blue as the bruises that surrounded them. Olivia Solodko H...

Sarah and Max

Emily Larman, Guest Author

December 3, 2014

Filed under Creative Writing

A short story by Emily Larman The bell rings and I rush out of math down the hall straight into Max Hannigan’s impenetrable abs. “Whoah, slow down there,” he cautions. This could not be happening. The rings of my binder...

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